3km, fun obstacles, 100s of excited kids, happy adults

No studded footwear is permitted on the run. This is to protect the children from injuring another participant. Children are advised to run in trainers or ‘astro turf’ sports boots. Astro turf sports boots have a moulded sole comprising of lots of small grips, often used for indoor football.

The run is not timed and there are no prizes for finishing first. Have fun, take your time and enjoy the event.

The ticket options that you can choose from represent the different start times. The first four start times are for high school aged children (11 to 14 years old) with the final four start times for primary school aged children (5 to 11 years old).

This is to protect the smaller children from accidentally being hurt by bigger, older children.

Unfortunately we can not offer refunds.

Appropriate footwear is important (no studs) to be comfortable completing 3km. Comfortable sportswear is ideal and make sure that you dress for the weather too!

You will need to go to registration to let us know you have arrived and to collect your wristbands. We recommend getting to the event a minimum of 30 minutes before your start time. Please make sure you fully understand the wristband policy relating to child safeguarding.

Radical Run goes ahead when it is raining or windy. There are exceptions if the wind is too high. In this case the safety of the event will be evaluated on the day and an email sent out should it require postponing or cancelling.

We will not charge for spectators, please bring family and friends to watch. Each venue has its own car parking rules which will apply on the day of the event.

The ticket for Radical Run only applies to our event. You will need to adhere to the venue’s car parking rules and pay any additional charges for other facilities.

Your race ticket! Each participant will have their own ticket, either printed or displayed on a smart phone. If it’s a sunny day, don’t forget the sun lotion.

Head straight for the registration tent. We will register you as arriving and give you your event wristbands.

Your ticket will arrive via email. Either print it or show it to us on a smart phone when you arrive at the registration tent.

In additional to the venue’s facilities, Radical Run provides toilets. There will also be stalls selling food and drink.

Safe and insanely fun for kids aged 5 to 14 years

Run, jump and bounce around a range of exciting obstacles!

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£20 per ticket