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Safety is our number 1 priority.

Below is a list of rules that are strictly enforced to ensure we create the safest environment possible for all participants. Please make sure you familiarise yourself with our rules before registering a child to participate in the event. Please bring these rules to the participant’s attention before they take part in Radical Run.


Each participating child will receive two wristbands from the registration tent when they arrive at the event. One is for the child, the other is for the adult who is responsible for the child at the event. These two wristbands have corresponding numbers. When the child has finished the run, they will receive their goodie bag and t-shirt and will be asked to wait within the finishing area. When the adult with the corresponding wristband to the child arrives, the child is then free to leave with that adult.

Lost child area

We have a dedicated lost child area within the event HQ, located near to the medical tent. If the child is wearing an event wristband, we will access their registration information and contact the responsible adult via the mobile telephone information. If the child does not have a wristband, we will make an announcement over the PA system.

No adults on the course

There is a danger that an adult can cause injury to a child whilst tackling an obstacle. For this reason, we do not permit any adults on the course. The course is designed so that an adult can run alongside their child all the way round and you will never lose sight of them.

No studded footwear

Footwear must be worn, but absolutely no studded footwear. This is to protect the children from injuring another participant. Children are advised to run in trainers or ‘astro turf’ sports boots. Astro turf sports boots have a moulded sole comprising of lots of small grips, often used for indoor football.

Always listen to the marshals

Every obstacle has marshals who are there for the safety of the children. Each obstacle has a maximum capacity and the marshals will, at time to time, stop children entering an obstacle until it is safe to do so.

No bad language

As well as the physical safety of the children, we also want to protect their mental wellbeing too. This applies to both adults and children. So please, watch your language.

Radical Run Rules

  • ALWAYS wear footwear that is suitable for outdoor exercise;
  • NEVER wear studded footwear of any kind;
  • NO pets except service or assistance animals;
  • ALWAYS jump and land on two feet;
  • DO NOT land on head or neck;
  • DO NOT affect another participant’s journeys in anyway;
  • NO flips;
  • ALWAYS remain in control when on, entering, or leaving an obstacle;
  • ALWAYS exit an inflatable obstacle by sitting down and sliding on to your feet;
  • ALWAYS follow the directions of any FUN ACTIVE LTD personnel;
  • DO NOT, unless it is absolutely necessary to do so for safety reasons, remain stationary on any obstacle.  YOU MUST keep progressing forwards;
  • IMMEDIATELY STOP participating if you begin to feel unwell;
  • NO spectacles to be worn;
  • NO Go Pros or similar devices to be worn;
  • NO rough play;
  • NO bad language;
  • NO spitting;
  • NO climbing or hanging on the sides of any obstacle;
  • ALWAYS exhibit appropriate behaviour;
  • ALWAYS participate with a cooperative and positive attitude;
  • ALWAYS respect other participants, FUN ACTIVE LTD personnel, spectators, equipment and facilities;
  • ONLY EVER use specified facilities for urination and/or defecation;
  • NEVER wear and/or use any clothing, props or equipment that pose any unnecessary risk to participants, spectators or personnel

Safe and insanely fun for kids aged 5 to 14 years

Run, jump and bounce around a range of exciting obstacles!

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